Obstacles come in many forms.


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

 – C.S Lewis –

Hey there!

We’re Yvette & Debi.

We are your modern-day Thelma and Louise – living life to the full while serving the Lord. Our passions include our families, our faith, our work… and YOU.

As women, we’ve been there. We’ve been overwhelmed, stressed, running on fumes, stalled, and stuck….more times than we’d like to admit. Our lives were messy. We learned by trial and error, prayer, and struggle about how to get our engines running again. And we want to share these powerful experiences with you.

We aren’t here to sugar coat, place judgment (there’s already enough of that), or slap a prayer on it. We are here to join as you find your way forward and refuel your passion in life.

We’ve all got roadblocks. Some of us have been running on empty for a long time…..We’ve all been hurt. It’s time to come from our scars, not our wounds, and pursue a God-honoring future.

Wayfinder, Ltd.

Wayfinder exists to guide women on an intentional journey of overcoming life’s roadblocks and designing the journey between here and there.

Intentional Life-pathing

Yes- we made that up. And here’s why. Throughout Scripture, journeys and paths aren’t forgotten (Psalm 16:11; Psalm 119:105). We’re constantly trying to navigate the path between “here”  and “there” . But, we have to put in the work to get where we want to go. Intentional Life-Pathing is a practice of overcoming life’s roadblocks to change the impossible to “I’m possible.”

For women, by women

As women of faith, we’ve been down the beaten path. We understand the unique challenges women face every day. This isn’t some catch-all, fluffy approach to “Christian womanhood.” This is real life. We are committed to creating a safe space for each woman to find clarity on the beaten path and the ability to pursue who God created her to be.

Design your life-pathing adventure

Our resources and events guide women to cast vision/dream forward, identify roadblocks, and create a road map to move forward in all areas of life – mind, body, and soul.


Helpful resources and blog content to guide you on your journey toward enoughness.


Immersive, hands-on, and safe opportunities to pursue becoming your best self —who God created you to be. Click here for our 2021 dates.



Debi and Yvette cover topics such as fear, loss, denial, anger, depression, anxiety, isolation and loneliness,  enoughness, forgiveness & more! 

Retreat Attendee

It was a special, fun creative time and way to take a step into seeing our hearts, identifying who we are and capture what grabs, speaks to us and propels us into what we want in life and even more so, seeing who we were created to be. Very fun and not only enjoyed creating my own, but also hearing and gaining insight into others through their vision boards.

Retreat Attendee

This retreat could not have come at a better time in my life. I know other women would benefit greatly from the content presented.

Stuck is Real

Here’s the truth about being stuck

Have you ever gotten your car stuck? The kind of stuck where you must call a tow truck to come bail you out of the thick, nasty mud?

We’ve all been stuck at some point. We just want to move, but the wheels keep spinning. We did everything we thought possible, yet we’re still in the same place. And, guess what…..you’re not the only one who has ever felt stuckIn 2018, 8 out of 10 women from 30 to 55 felt paralyzed and unable to cope at one point in time. 

It’s time to get out of park. It’s time to push the car, fill ‘er up with some more gas, and get moving. We all are worthy of more than stuck. We’re here to guide you as you get moving.

Join us & refuel

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